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   I have an over 30 year, career in entertainment. Most notably Radio: On air Announcing, and Program Directing in Detroit, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I have produced and performed on countless commercials and consulted several recording artists.
   I have been blessed with a boundless imagination, a scientific mind, a marketable voice, and a love for making things. That combination has allowed me to live a very fortunate life. Now retired, for the most part, I still enjoy creative people and interesting projects. Music making, photography, painting, and computers are my hobbies, I like hobbies that produce something tangible.
   In the 80's wrote computer software that contributed to taking radio DJ's out of the music playing loop, by generating stations playlists with a computer algorithm. Today I enjoy Internet coding, a nd database driven applications. Some of which can be seen in the content links above.

   Imagination, and the ability to dream, then make them come true, I believe is the greatest gift we humans have. It separates us from the other 7 million life forms here on this little wet rock, we call Earth. Never Stop dreaming, and methodically executing a written plan to make your dream a reality. We owe our best... In honor of those before us whose struggle made possible what we enjoy today.
   Dream, Plan, Achieve!


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