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It's all good Positive thoughts positive outcome, and vice versa What ever I think my mind will automatically try to do If I think about my head hurting there is a good chance it may start hurting It is critical at ALL times in life to be thinking positive thoughts The brain is connected to every cell in the body via the nervous system and cell to cell communication To prove it I poke myself with the pin anywhere in my body my brain will know it, and say ouch This is two way communication if I tell my hand to reach to the sky my muscles can make it happen It's important to believe that nothing will harm me, that I will be healthy and happy
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Of course do everything I can to make it happen, but in the end I don't have complete control over the results I can only use as much of the physical, mental, and electro magnetic energy that I am made of to bring a positive outcome I am made of energy I can direct my energy Being constructive, turning thought into reality I spend as much of my mind, and time as I can creating something constructive, that comes from me to the real world Something that at the end of the day did not exist at the beginning, something that I can experience the next day, or share with others Interactive web design, like this site, allows me to keep this old brain active It's like puzzle solving Unlike a crossword puzzle when I finish a web page, I have created something useful You don't probably care that on top of the basic HTML wegpage there is some cool use of the new HTML5, also CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL I do web design, because I love graphic design, computers and coding It is also about problem solving and practicing patience One small punctuation error can make a page display blank nothing! The mistake must be found in a hundred or more lines of code The page that plays the music 'brentplayphp' is database driven and over 200 lines of code These are the interests for my time

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