The Intelligent Energy Force (Article)  

When I hear these scientist on these TV shows talking about conditions favorable for the creation of life on a planet, because there is water,
heat and organic compounds, I cringe. Intelligent life even the simplest form is far too complex to just happen.
Just because the ingredients of life are present does not mean that life will form on its own. That would be the same as saying by throwing some steel,
glass and some rubber in a pit, that a car will form. Intelligent construction must have intelligence to create it.


All life on Earth is made of cells, and based on the DNA molecules in its nucleus. All DNA based life is incredibly complex, and intelligent. There is no such thing as a simple cellular life. Even the simplest so-called cell must have all of the elements within it that a city has. That's cell has to have a energy plant. it has chemical plants to process the materials that the cell extracts from its environment. It has a transportation system to move those molecules around within the cell. Production plants where it assembles new molecules to build a copy of itself, and more incredibly a copy of the DNA molecule in it's nucleus. By the way a DNA molecule is about 6 feet long. There is nothing simple about constructing a 6 foot long strand of DNA in a specific order of atoms arranged to contain all of the information necessary for the production not only of the cell that it is inside of, but the entire creature for which that cell is a part.
The Milky way galaxy, about 300billionstars & 500billion planets.
All that is going on inside of that cell is happening telekineticlly. There are no little people inside the cell building the new molecules, moving them around on trains and putting them together in its factories. There is a an invisible force moving and constructing the new cell and the new DNA molecule. Things do not move on their own. Some force must be applied to move anything. That invisible force is where the true mystery of life exist. That invisible force is an incredibly intelligent force because those little invisible workers are building the exact structure that it is designed to build by the DNA. The cell even builds a copy of the DNA molecule it is building itself from. That is a real chicken and egg type conundrum. Furthermore the DNA molecule is more complicated than the space shuttle. The intelligent arrangement of the billions of atoms making up the DNA is far more complicated as all the parts that make a car, and it takes a lot of intelligent people to design and build a car. The cell uses a Intelligent Energy Force to assemble the molecules inside that microscopic cell to create a complete new structure. This intelligent force must work on extremely microscopic level , smaller than the atoms it is manipulating, so it must be everywhere. It is working in the cells of each person, every animal, plant, flower, and blade of grass. It is working in all of the creatures in the oceans and even the microscopic organisms blowing in the atmosphere of the Earth, that we can't even see. All life is made of microscopic cells intelligently constructed and arranged creating all kinds of life, including very intelligent creatures and forms of life, like us. I contend that this Intelligent Energy Force is a very intelligent force, because it knows how to create distinct life forms, like a intricate beautiful flower. Trees know the shape to make its leaves, not to mention flowers, fruit, seeds, etc. There is no such thing as simple life on any level, all life from single cell creatures to multi-cellular creatures, like us are intelligently complex . This Intelligent Energy Force exists everywhere on Earth, since life is found everywhere. The Intelligent Energy Force probably permeates the entire galaxy, and universe. It may even be responsible for the construction of the universe as part of its own intelligent design. All matter in our visible universe is made of atoms, and atoms are nothing but pure energy, it is quite likely that EVERYTHING is part of the Intelligent Energy Force. .

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