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The DNA Life Form (Article)  

My thoughts on DNA may sound revolutionary, but please keep a open mind.


We know that Human DNA is a 6 foot long molecule that stores trillions of bits of information All of the information necessary to build an entire animal, plant, or other life form We know that all life on earth is made up of cells Many different kinds of cells Each one of these cells replicates an exact copy of the life forms original DNA as it replicates a completely new cell The part of our DNA that we have mapped, the part that makes up the body, represents only 10% of the DNA's information We do not know what the rest of that information, the other 90%, does Scientist don't know, so they call it junk DNA Nature does not do junk Scientist tend to make up things, or discount it's relevance, when they do not know something I submit, as a possibility, that DNA itself is a form of life We tend to think of life as things like us Like other animals, and reluctantly insects, germs, or bacteria We don't immediately think of grass, or trees as life, because it is not like us But these life forms are made of cells also, with DNA, as is all other life on earth Other life forms are also intelligent A tree knows the shape to construct each one of its leaves, or a rose bush knows how to create that beautiful flower and the color to make it, and so it is for all of the other over 7 million non-Human life forms on the planet The DNA knows how to replicate itself and build a new cell to house itself The new cell may be the same as the current one, or it can create a different kind of cell No matter what kinds of cells throughout the entire organism the DNA is creating, it replicates a exact copy of itself for each new cell As the DNA orchestrates, and builds the our new cells, it knows where to place each new cell It knows where to put the bone cells to make a skeleton, where to put the feet, arms, the leg, and the head This is a over simplification of the incredibly complex construction necessary to build a creature like ourselves Imagine that complexity of the eye itself, not to mention the brain Somehow this DNA molecule knows how to duplicate itself and the cell that houses it It does this without arms or legs We see no little people in the cell moving the pieces around, or doing the construction It just happens before our eyes, like your dinner making itself, while you sit and watch It takes in molecules breaks them down, constructs and arranges the necessary molecules for the new cell It does all of this by what appears to be telekinesis We simplify this incredible unknown by just calling it life We may not know how DNA replicates itself, and constructs the new cellular life form, but that is what it does DNA may be doing this so that it may live on This molecule may not appear to us as a life form we are familiar with, but I submit that it is not only a life form, but it is the ultimate life form Maybe the original life form A perfect kind of life form to can blow, or drift, through the universe until it finds a compatible home It is a life form that tries new things, based on its environment, which we call mutation I believe it is thinking of new ways to ensure its survival and spreading Even we complex intelligent life forms which are busy trying to ensure our own survival, and reproduce, are really only helping the survival of the DNA, that BUILT US

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