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The Brain  (Article)  



Our consciousness is our memory, and how our brain is wired to process what we take in each moment with all of our senses. We then make decisions based on what we have learned. A life, everything we say and do, is a sequence of decisions. Most people think of their brain as just another part of their body, important but still just another part. I submit to you that advanced intelligent life is the brain, and the body just serves it. Our brain is where the world exists for us, in our consciousness. Our eyes see, nose smells, ears here, the things around us for our brain to process. Our nervous system provides important sensory information. Our legs and feet take our brain where it wants to go. Our hands manipulate things in the world for the brain. The brain drives the body to find food, and shelter to nourish itself, and the body in it's service to the brain. The brain also strides to reproduce to perpetuate the species, specifically to create more brains. Here is proof that our life is truly our brain. Our bodies need to sleep, shut down to rest, while the brain continues in control. It keeps us breathing, our heart beating, and wakes the body to resume It's journey. Each person has their own unique consciousness. Your consciousness is what you are thinking at any given moment. This conscious part of your brain is the essence of who you are, your individual life. Our brains conscious thought guides the body, that effects others and the world around us . If your consciousness is thinking bad thoughts, or unhappy thoughts, you will have a bad and unhappy life. If you think good thoughts, you will have a good life. Your entire life is made of conscious moments. Even in the event of bad external forces, and we know crap happens, you can take your consciousness to a better place. It may be difficult, even seem impossible, but it can be done and may help solve the problem in front of you. Example, if you put a big smile on our face and hold it our brain will try to feel happy. At any given moment of your life you should be thinking your brain towards a better, more joyful place. You may find those around you will get there too. Your life here on this planet is defined by each moments conscious thoughts, effecting others, and the world. Built into the Human brain are great gifts for the use of your consciousness. They are a imagination, and problem solving capabilities. Use them to help the brain be happy, and healthy, as it builds a more incredible world around it to live in..

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